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Barrington Shores has established the following guidelines
for your safety and enjoyment of the campground.
Please be sure that your family and friends understand these guidelines.

Reservation Time Periods
You must rent IN SEASON at least 3 night stay or a 7 night stay or more. The minimum 3 night stay will be in our newly landscaped meadow area of which we have 7 sites available. Sites include water/electric and 1 pump out per your 3 night stay.
7 night stays or longer will occur throughout the rest of the park on sites that are available when you make your reservation. Our 7 night time period starts on a Saturday and ends on a Saturday.
Check-In time time is 2PM and check-out time is 1PM.
Maximum Occupancy
Maximum of 4 adults per campsite or rental unit. Extra Tents OK. One vehicle per site/rental unit. Additional vehicles must be in extra vehicle parking areas. Front security gate enforced 24/7. Magnetic card required. $5 refundable deposit required.
All visitors must register at the office upon arrival. Campers are responsible for their visitor’s compliance with camping guidelines. Day visitors are welcome from 9AM – 7:00PM. No day visitors are allowed to register after 6:30PM. Overnight visitors must leave by 1PM the following day.
Supervision of Children
Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children. Parents are responsible for damage caused by their children to the campground facilities. No motorized or battery operated children’s riding toys. Children must be on OWN site by 11PM. Due to safety concerns, bike riding is not allowed after dusk. Helmets are required. No off road vehicles (ATVs, quads, etc). No Golf Carts.
Speed Limit
The speed limit is 5 MPH throughout the campground. Repeated non-compliance will be reason for removal and there will be no refund.
Quiet Hours
Quiet time is from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. STRICTLY ENFORCED. All children must be on their campsite by 11:00PM. Please turn OFF all radios and televisions. Turn off exterior lights by 11.30. The management is on-site 24/7 and involved in every aspect of security. We have an electronic gate card system in use. We take our family's private quiet times seriously. No refunds. Any noise / party after 11:30PM will be the reason for your early departure.
Pets MUST be kept on a leash at all times. Electronic leashes are not allowed. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets (even on the dog walk). Dogs may not be left unattended. Barking dogs will NOT be tolerated. No pets allowed in buildings, cottage, cabins, or on beaches. Pets are allowed to swim at the boat launching area. Rabies certificate req uired. No more than 2 dogs per site. No Dobermans, Pit-bulls (or mixes), Akai, Chows, and/or German Shepherds. Guest’s visitors cannot bring dogs, sorry!!
Beaches and Boating
Swim at your own risk. There are no lifeguards. Parents must accompany all children under the age of 14. No swimming allowed after dusk. Fishing is permitted at the fishing point, not on boat docks. The state has designated Swain’s Lake a personal watercraft free lake. Barrington Shores does not permit any type of jet -propelled watercraft on its property. In the event you bring a watercraft for your stay, upon registration you will be given specific information regarding the boat & trailer mooring, storage & parking options that are available to you.
New Hampshire State Law prohibits surface dumping of sewage or gray water. Please use air tight sewer connections or the dump station. Washing of RVs and vehicles are not permitted. Washing “Fine/Fee” is twenty dollars.
Alcoholic Beverages / Drugs / Fireworks
Illegal drugs and misuse of alcoholic beverages will not be tolerated. For fire and safety concerns, all ground, aerial, and noise producing displays are prohibited.
Respect for Fellow Campers
Respect other campers by use of appropriate language. Anyone using foul or offensive language will be required to leave and there will be no refund. For your safety and as a courtesy to others, do not walk through other sites.
Site Cleanup
Campsites are to be left free of garbage and debris. Please return picnic tables to their original position. Please place all recycling and garbage in the dumpsters located near the store. Campsites left in an unrentable condition will be charged a $25 cleaning fee.
Please help keep our restrooms clean. Children under six years of age should be accompanied by an adult. Do not wash clothes or dishes in restrooms. Please report any condition that requires our attention.
NH State Law prohibits the moving of fireplaces. Due to State regulations, only firewood from New Hampshire is allowed. We sell firewood for your convenience. Please no pallets, construction debris, or pressure treated lumber. Nails, staples, and other metal fasteners create a s afety hazard for employees, campers, and pets. Help us keep unwanted guests away (skunks and raccoons) by not using your fireplaces as “trash bins.”
Terms and Conditions
Barrington Shores reserves the right to change existing rules or make and enforce any other rules deemed necessary for the safety, comfort, convenience and enjoyment of our campers, or for the preservation of its own property. Failure to follow these simple guidelines may result in termination of your camping privileges.
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